About me

Dance, Theatre Enthusiast and Researcher in the Performing Arts of Indonesia

I am myself, wife, mother, artist, a fan of traditonal silat movements, striving to be writer, still a student, a never ending learner, teacher, on a spiritual journey through dance. I believe dance can and should build, and be about, a dialogue for peace.

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  1. Terima kasih karena telah singgah, menyukai, dan mengikuti blog kami rangkayo..

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  2. Madia Patra says:

    sutannagaribasa terimakasih juga telah follow blogku. Blog sutan juga menarik 🙂

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  3. Rica says:

    Bu dira…… tulis lagiiii doonngg… =)

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    1. Hai rica hehehe makasih ya motivasinya :).


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