This morning I was browsing instagram  when I should be writing down my research, but then I found a talkshow on silat going to be held  near the area where I live:). There will a lot of practitioners, and from the pictures it will be held at a mosque and all male. Hmmmm will they let me in?

So why as a dance enthusiast am I interested in silat a martial arts form in Indonesia? Many traditional dances in Indonesia are an aesthetic  form of silat movements. Silat is an embodiment of bodily movement, self defence technique,  philosophical thinking and spirituality. The traditional silats have been usually passed down from generation to generation in a closed membership since centuries, sometimes only through familial relations. IPSI the National Silat organization has transformed the traditional silat into a competition sports.  The traditional movements can be seen through dances and traditional performing arts. It has also been a source for contemporary choreographers. At this talkshow there will be Eddy Nalapraya a prominent figure of IPSI. Hope I will be given a chance to speak with him on the philosophical side of silat in the artistic practice. :).