My reflections today

Well apparently being consistent  in writing for a blog is not an easy accomplishment. So hats off to all of you active bloggers out there. I came across some interesting things on the internet today. One was about digital learning and MOOC, massive open source learning. Hmmmm, are we Indonesians ready for that? Well maybe in the big cities. But I think its a wonderful thing and can make education accessible for all regardless, very democratic. You just need an internet connection, mobile phone or computer or laptop. I keep thinking of the people who are currently just trying to get food in their own mouths let alone their whole families mouths. Still alot of the economically disabled here in Indonesia. Still, I think the rest of us who are able should keep updated and those who are better off should share. This is the spirit of the internet is it not? It is the spirit of Islam too (well it says so in the holy book). The rich should share with the under privelidged (did I spell that right?). Sharing knowledge is the next step and more difficult. That is why I love the digital world. So much sharing. I am trying to share too, and trying it in english. Writing in another language is not as easy as just speaking it (well for me that is). So accolades to all you marvelous bloggers out there, thanks for making my world more expansive and the feeling I have more friends in thought than I previously realised. I am still crawling but hoping to get up and start walking in this garden of cyber delights. 🙂


 a walk through the outer village
a walk through the outer village

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