Waiting for the rain to subside I’ve decided to add writing on my daily thoughts. I have been inspired and motivated by the writing tips on the blog posts I follow. Today I am meeting with my fellow teachers for arts appreciation class at another University. We conducted the class as team teaching. I am privileged that Ibu Julianti Parani entrusted me to coordinate and also teach in this program. My fellow team teachers are Sonny Muchlison for the fine arts, Sukarji Sriman for dance, Ucok Siregar on acting and theater, Aria Agni on film, and Marusya Nainggolan for music accompanied by Anusirwan. We all lecture at the Jakarta Institute for the Arts. It has been a fun semester teaching students at a non arts University. There are over a hundred students enrolled in our class this semester. I think we were a success in making these students who initially were quite cynical towards the arts and wondering why they should care. But reading from their papers, they actually took the effort to go to performing arts events, contemporary and traditional to write about the experience. I really am happy about the results since these are students from privileged families who usually spend the holidays at malls or recreation centres and couldn’t care less. Now they can write on batik making process, traditional betawi dance, Theatre performance and so much more. This is why I stay in teaching. The feeling that what I have shared with someone else has actually inspired them to increase their knowledge and motivated them. So in a moment I am off to take the 2 hour bus commute to join my friends for coffee with ibu Julianti for further sharing and evaluating. I think I would like to suggest a students journal published on the arts. This University seems to have the money so it would be a shame for these students papers to be just lying in my storage closet :).